Hi guys! Ready for the third week on our adventure to moving from NYC to Texas. God’s version of the promise land for our lives. Last week I spoke about how beautiful things bloom when we are in the unknown. And how not knowing is not such a bad thing. Actually, it makes you relinquish control and hand it over to God. This week we will continue on getting to Texas and the factors that contributed to us leaving.

It seems to me that the common theme in the past few months has been “in the unknown something beautiful will bloom.” And its been such a true statement. Leaving New York City has been one of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make. But one of the best ones. If you know me, I am a hopeless romantic. I believe love is beautiful, I love love. And my favorite verse is Proverbs 30:18,

“There are three things that are too amazing for me,
four that I do not understand:
19 the way of an eagle in the sky,
the way of a snake on a rock,
the way of a ship on the high seas,
and the way of a man with a young woman.

Well there you have it, I just love love. So when my husband suggested that we get baptized together I was siked. I thought it would be so romantic, since we both love ministry, we love the Lord and I felt the Lord was pleased with our union and the love we have for each other. Little did I know that in doing this God would confirm through our pastor what would be the beginning of a crazy decision I never thought we would have to make. I mentioned to you guys last week that was to happen next, we would receive as the confirmation that the Lord was pleased and was in this decision 100%. We prepped as the days got closer to our baptism, we wanted to be prepared spiritually and mentally for what we were doing. It felt like the day where God was making all things new and was sending us off with a big kiss. And when the day came and were sitting in our robes to be baptized, we see people come in and out into the waters. Finally, our pastor says, “David and Alejandra Tash, we saved the best for last.” It was nice of him to say that being that our last name starts with a T and we were the last ones on the alphabetized list. Anyhow, we step into the water, our pastor introduces us to the congregation. He speaks prophetically into our lives, and we were just humbled and crying in sobs (lol). Finally, we are dipped into the water and as we rise back up our pastors speak a word of knowledge into our lives that confirms it all! We knew that he had no way of knowing that we were planning on leaving NYC. But he said to us that he saw us leaving NYC and that in this we would grow. I was hooked, too many coincidences that led me to understand that it was time to go.

God didn’t uproot us, he prepared us long before we moved

Have you ever felt like you were a nomad in the city/place/country you’re in? I did. We did. After my beloved Pastor Milca went home to be with the Lord David and I churched hopped for a bit. (ohhhhh yes, I did. I church hopped) And we lasted about a year feeling like none of the churches were it. And in fact, David and I began to feel that we didn’t belong anywhere. We even said, I feel that NY is too small. And if I’m honest it was probably God preparing us to leave. Why is it that though I wanted to leave NY, when the opportunity came, I didn’t want to take it. We tried everything we had in us to stay in New York. But it wasn’t God’s plan for our lives and began to feel the desire in our hearts to leave NYC and move to Texas.


I wanted to talk about desires for a bit. How can you distinguish a desire that comes from God and the ones that don’t? If your desires don’t hurt anyone, including you. If your desires align itself with the word of God. And if you have a longing desire for God to show out in a different way. If you have a desire that has been in your heart for years and fear is what stops, you from fulfilling it. Then this desire has God written all over it. But still I urge you to talk to God about it. It was what made the difference between me and my husband. We had the same desire but he spoke to God about it. I didn’t. I spoke to everyone else about it. But he didn’t he spoke to no one except God about it! God might be prompting you to a deeper relationship with him through that very desire.  Not only that but desires that are put in your heart by God grow you in a way that nothing could. Desires that come from God make you brave, and push you forward and not backwards. Did you know that a desired unfulfilled can make the heart sick? It can. Just read Proverbs 13:12

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick”

Desires unfulfilled can make you depressed and look back at life with regrets and with hurt. Do yourself a favor and talk to God about it. I am sure that if he put it there, he will bring it to pass. And the most fun part about it, that if your desires are so big that it would be impossible if God wasn’t part of it then you get to have this awesome story to tell others about how awesome your God of the impossible is. I know I don’t get tired of telling the story of how I came to Texas. No matter how many times my husband and I have told it.


We hope you’re enjoying this thang with me!


till next time,