Hi y’all! I pray you are all well, and that this week has been a blessing to you. God is so good, I finally graduated with my bachelors degree and this week has been one of much celebration. For those of you that are going for any type of degree, or certification keep on keeping on!

This week I want to continue with the achieving me topic. Last week we spoke on three things that help you achieve that version of you, you wish to see come to fruition.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to change me. I want to learn to embrace me, the me God created me to be. I want to evolve out of my cocoon into the Alejandra I am meant to be. What’s another thing that stops me and others from becoming all that God created them to be? Lack of Integrity, starting things and leaving them unfinished, and laziness.

Let’s dive in!


What is integrity? Webster’s dictionary defines integrity as, “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” But the Bible dives a little deeper into what Integrity is. It shows people of character in which we can by their examples and learn what good characters look like. And even when we choose to not look at their examples we have bible verses such as, Proverbs 11:3a to help us understand the importance of integrity.

“The integrity of the upright guides them”

Without integrity, you will not have proper guidance. According to this passage this is something that can guide us towards a good path that can lead to an abundant life in God. But integrity isn’t something that you are born with, but it is a learned behavior that can be developed at any age. And integrity is something I struggled with for most of my 20’s in developing. I believe the lack of integrity was stopping me from pursuing my dreams as well. Integrity and character was one of the things I wanted to achieve me in. I wanted to be a person of character, that followed through with all her plans. I wanted my yes to really mean yes, and I wanted my no’s to really mean no. I wanted to be reliable, but how can others rely on me when I couldn’t rely on me. Yes, I couldn’t trust myself to start something and actually finish it. So knowing this I chose to not start anything at all and live life as simple minded as possible. So the first thing God tackled in my life was learning to be a finisher.


A Finisher

I named this section “A Finisher”, because nothing I ever started I finished. I never finished reading a book, I wasn’t reliable and my yes to a plan really meant no. In understanding what integrity is, I can tell you what it is not.  Are you reliable? A person of character? When you commit to something, do you finish it? Can people trust you to follow up with your plans? Let’s look at a very simple example, do you start a book and never finish it? How many books have you left unfinished? If your answer to this questions were no, then buddy you aren’t a finisher. And being a finisher is super inportant in achiving you because you’ll begin to achieve you but eventually give up and never finish it! Finishing a book was super hard for me, I lacked discipline and willpower.  And unfortunetely for me, one thing I really desired was to finish school. Let’s be honest,  if I couldn’t finish a book and college required me to read thousands of books then I was off on a really bad start! Would you believe me if I tell you it took me about ten years to finish this? Well it did. God wants us to be a finisher like Him. God finishes every good work He begins (Philipian 1:6). And if you have embarked on a good journey, then you owe it to yourself to finish everything you have begun. After I finished my first book, I couldn’t stop there. And so I started finishing other books, eventually I enrolled in college again after several failed attempts. And then I finished my associates degree, and that to me that was a big accomplishment. After realizing that I can be a finisher in God and that I could really do all things through Christ who gives me strength like philippians 4:13 states I began to believe in me, and achieve me.  I later went for my bachelors and finished it exactly two years after completing my associates and If you follow me on instagram you’ll see that I just posted my graduation picture for my bachelors degree.

Laziness is another thing that can stop you from achieving yourself. Lack of follow through, lack of will that results in laziness. So what do I say to this? Be an Ant! Proverbs 6:6-11 NIV says,

Go to the ant, you lazybones;

   consider its ways and be wise!

7 It has no commander,

   no overseer or ruler,

8 yet it stores its provisions in summer

   and gathers its food at harvest.

9 How long will you lie there, you sluggard?

   When will you get up from your sleep?

10 A little sleep, a little slumber,

   a little folding of the hands to rest—

11 and poverty will come on you like a thief

   and scarcity like an armed man.


Laziness is our number one enemy, lack of discipline and more so lack of will. If you’re like me when I first started this venture of blogging and learning to be my own boss (which I am currently still learning) I said to myself that I would wake up at seven in the morning everyday. But like the above verse says, “a little more sleep” was what I said each morning. I would hit the snooze button ten times in the morning. Achieving you requires to one determine what you want to do, and lots of discipline and follow through. Laziness can manifest itself in many ways today, scrolling through social media and spending idle long hours on it is not beneficial to you. Watching Netflix seasons for hours or sleeping all day are all signs that laziness has taken over your life. In my home we have a rule, we spend little or no time watching TV because we rather read a book. We try to wake up as early as possible so our day can be a productive one. Now I am not saying that you should follow my same regimen for life but recognizing the areas where you lack, or are weak in can help you be a more productive person and ultimately help you achieve you! Thank you for tuning in!

P.S You’ll notice that at the bottom of each blog I will write, Ebenezer. It means “God has brought me this far”. It reminds me that I am here because of HIM! And now you’ll know this too.



Till Next Week,