Hey guys! tashgal here (in Texas) and here is the final part of how and what prompted us to move to Texas. Obviously, I am leaving out some major details, but I figured I can continue writing about this topic in the future as well. I hope you guys have been encouraged by our move. It was a very difficult decision but also a rewarding one. We have grown so much in just three to four months that we are here and we are thankful to share this with you all. This blog piece would be much more practical, from how we physically got here to preparations and planning.

Let’s get to it!

Choosing a place

Like I think I have mentioned before my husband and I were at target and he just blurted out the move to Texas. But really, we wanted to be practical and ask around for information. We also wanted to see about cost of living and quality of life. Here are some things we researched when looking for a place to live in BIG Texas.

  • We wanted to find a church as soon as we got there so we researched churches while still in NYC.
  • We didn’t want to live in another major city. So Houston and Dallas, where out of the question.
  • We wanted to be in the country where there was land.
  • We hated crowded places so we were sure to seek out small towns, with a small-town feel.
  • We wanted cost of living to be low. We really didn’t want to be slaves to paying for rent/housing.
  • We wanted somewhere where the job market was high.

And these were just some of the questions we asked. Thankfully I had a friend who lived here and moved from the north as well. She helped me with answering some of these questions. She was a key piece that God used to help me get here. In each decision David and I held hands and were extremely prayerful about it. With each question God answered faithfully. We went by one of our favorite verses and constantly agreed in prayer. if you pray, He will answer. Matthew 18:19 says

“Again, I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven”

This verse was key in our home during this move.

Check list

That white binder you see in the above picture is the actual binder and checklist I used to get to Texas. This binder holds all of the list that were detrimental to coming to Texas. I think check list where my life saver. I tackled every single thing one thing at a time and I did it all with checklist. We ran inventory on what was most important to us, and for us there were five. Where we lived. Where we went to church. How close we were to everything. School districts for future babies. Employment opportunities/growth opportunities. There is an entire world within each important thing and it took such a long time to research each one. Hours of internet searching (lots of panicking and crying.) Although we knew the circumstances coming here wouldn’t be perfect, we wanted to at least make sure we didn’t budge on the things we really wanted. And after we made our decisions pertaining these five important things, we made checklist to make sure each thing would go according to plan. You know, the inner control freak trying to control as much as I can because I knew there was so much already out of my control.

Move out day was here

David and I for move out day we had prepped our car with everything that would fit. We jammed packed everything we owned into our 16 Toyota Corolla and on our way we went. We want to say our farewells to our family members. I have to say this was probably the toughest part of us of leaving. My mom was distraught and as she hugged me in tears she prayed in my ear “may every door you knock on my daughter be opened to you.” My father’s voice trembled as he said bye to this 30-year-old daughter whom in his eyes was still that five-year-old he once held in his lap assuring all would be ok. The one he had pastored for so many years. I have never been more than a phone call and 10-minute drive away from my parents. It was hard. Still is. I still cry. I took my very prepped checklist and binder and off we went. It almost felt as if I was reading and living a chapter from the book of Exodus as God opened up the sea of impossibility and made a way for the Israelites to leave everything behind. I say this to tell you that moving from one place, one familiar place to another isn’t easy. It has its share of difficulties, I cannot even begin to tell you the road blocks David and I encounter to get here. Which is why we cannot afford to dream so small. We were brave enough to leave our families and all we know behind. Now we need to find out why did God bring us here. Taking in account every avenue and no dream is too big not to follow. Not to us. Not after the price we’ve had to pay.

I am so glad you joined me in sharing how we got to Texas. I am sure there is so much I am already leaving out and I will be sharing later on as I am led by God to do so. Be blessed, and have a wonderful holiday season. Remember Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season!

God bless you all!

and till next time,