We moved from NYC to Texas pt 2

in Faith, December 2, 2018

Hey guys! tashgal here! I am glad to be with you again and now that hubby and I are a bit more settle in we’re able to actually sit down and do some administrative stuff. We have been in Texas since July 30th of 2018! What a way to start the year right? Well let’s get to this guy. I used to  have a problem with being asked, “so what’s next for you? What are you planning?” Mostly because I had no idea! Well spending the past year from crazy wild ride to another crazy wild ride you tend to not even blink twice and just say “honestly I don’t know.” I honestly don’t know became my favorite phrase.

Listen to that still small voice


After I finally listened to God and left my teaching job I then began to wonder “ok God what now?” And my heart kept aiming me towards starting my own blog. I was dreamed about writing, and I was writing. I wrote for this amazing ministry and blogged for it for about year. But along with saying no to my job and quitting, came with the very tough decision to leave this ministry too! I was distraught about it, and I cried about for long. I did’t understand why I had to but I knew I did. And so I did. And afterwards about three months later I said yes to starting a blog. I didn’t feel equipped thought I had learned so much I didn’t think I had what it took. I was super hard me! Now I am not, now I understanding that as one of my mentors say, this life is about embracing being a learner and that’s what I am a learner! My time at home enabled me to get into God’s written word, and really learn His word more. But one day out of pure boredom I googled, “stay at home wife without kids”. Along came this article of this young lady whom was also a blogger and stay at home wife without children. Long story short, I felt a nudge that I HAD TO join her mentorship program! (I promise this story comes full circle). She helped me begin my blog and gave all these cool tips as to how I should do it. But I wish to tell you that is all God used her for. Nope. There was more. But I had to listen to that still small voice. The one telling me I had to join her mentorship program. I became friends with her, and over a year later I was her mentee. As I was learning how to blog, I also began to believe more in me, I became wilder in my dreams, and plain crazy! I started dreaming up dreams that I would have never even dreamt if I didn’t allow myself to.

“In the Unknown, something beautiful will bloom”

David my husband on the other hand started getting promotional opportunities in his job. And as for our marriage we were just thriving. And by thriving, I mean, we were really reaching breakthroughs in our marriage. Hard ones, digging deeper, hurting out loud and healing out loud. (I never want to give the impression that we have a perfect marriage). David and I were just growing deeper roots in our marriage, and healing from past wounds. We were really getting to know each other. It was painful but amazing what we discovered about each other and ourselves. We began to really get to know each other, take off the mask and  being ok with not being ok. And so we decided to do some maintenance work and ask a good friend who mentored us in our marriage to meet with us. We love to listen to wise counsel and so we did. He asked David a question and me a question. He said, “if you didn’t have fear what would you do? And if money wasn’t a problem what would you do?” My answer to that was so bland compared to David’s. I said, “I would start a YouTube Channel, and I would start a business.” You guys my husband said “I would quit the Fire Department and leave NYC.” I was in utter shock! I couldn’t believe it. But I didn’t think he would actually do it, so I was calm for the time being. Remember how I said in the beginning of the blog that saying “I don’t know what’s next” became my favorite phrase? Well by this time it was ending of May 2018 and my husband’s reply just left me not knowing what the future held for us. But in this unknown, something beautiful bloomed.

Leaving NY became Real.

One of the things that began to bloom in this unknown place was David. His desires were more defined and he wanted nothing more than to please God. He said, “I don’t like working for the Fire Department, its nice but it isn’t my calling. I don’t to be a Doctor, I want to pursue what God has for me instead.”  If you personally know my husband you know he didn’t voice his wants and dislikes very often. But as his relationship with God grew, and I mean really grew he started to grow in being more decisive without care as to what anyone might think. Not even me. (I mean he cared, but he grew sure of his decisions)  I married my husband when he was 21 so you must understand I saw him bloom into the wonderful man he is today. (Which I’ll someday write a book about that journey too!) When he started voicing his likes and dislikes I was in shock because if you were to meet my husband then, you’ll see he was quiet by nature. (He was, not anymore). And so David decided that he would pray about this decision. And that he was going to pursue this dream of leaving NY and leaving his job. And then the natural question after this would be, “what is going to do?” well I was asked this a lot, and my response was, “I don’t know” once more. I thought that him praying about this would take at least one year, to two. I mean David was at his peak of his FDNY career and I truly thought that with this HUGE promotion where his salary tripled that he would change his mind.  Obviously, you all know that wasn’t the case. He came back to me about two days later and said, “baby I made my decision I want your support, I believe God confirmed that going to Texas would be the best for us and that we would grow here”. My first thought was, “how dare you go to God about this?” LOL! As if he needed my permission. The words my husband read to me off the Bible I rather reserve, but I will tell you it sounded convincing. But I was still skeptical about it. I remember for so many years I would yap my mouth about how I knew NY wasn’t for me, and David would be the one to try and convince me otherwise. So, when the tables turned and he wanted to leave and  you guys I was anchored! But there was one thing that convinced me. And you’ll have to wait till next week to find out.

See you next week

Love you all! Tashgal