Moving from NYC to Texas

in Faith, November 25, 2018

This is the story of how two crazies believed God and left everything they knew in order to follow God’s will for their lives. Hey!!!! tashgal here! It’s been a while since I’ve tuned in to blog about my life which has God’s fingerprints all over. Remember when I wrote in my the Conoceme/get to know me page of this blog that I was a big city gal with a country heart? Well it happened guys! We moved to Texas and though I have mentioned this before this is the first time, I am blogging about how we got here! So, let’s get to this.

We followed someone else’s calling:


If I tell you how we got here, then I would start from the very beginning. David and I, when we got married, I thought we knew what we wanted (boy were we wrong). Or at least where we wanted to go. David and I both knew we wanted to have children, be successful and have a GREAT marriage. We knew that, but when it came to our careers, we thought we ought to people please. I promise I’m going to write a post solely on how much of a people pleaser David and I both were! We were yes people, and in saying yes to everyone it caused us to feel burned out all the time. Anyhow back to the topic at hand, I wanted to be a teacher because I’d thought well it’s a city job and there’s job security, and lots of people told me to do it and so I did it. Let me just say, being a teacher is a beautiful calling, and you need to be called to teach. I was not called to teach.   I had all these dreams but would not step in faith to fulfill any of them. Then my husband’s family/friends suggested he become a doctor since he was a child. And so he’d thought, well I am smart and so maybe I should do it. And so, he strived and became a paramedic, and then signed up for a pre-med program, blah blah blah. We both were following completely different paths/callings, but never stopped to wonder “what was the purpose in God putting us together?” Are we to lead completely separate lives? And if so, why do we desire the exact opposite? We wanted to be together, work together, do life together. We wanted to choose careers that would help us spend more time together, and with our future children. And what we were doing did the exact opposite, it tore us apart, it put a strain on our marriage, finances, and we weren’t on the same page at all you guys!  It took us about four years of wandering, fustration and following our voice and others voices.  Instead of listening to God’s voice and a screaming desire inside of us telling us something was off. (Side note: desires aren’t in your heart for no reason, ask God why they were placed there and where do they come from?) I started feeling in my heart that God was leading me to leave my job. And I thought “I spent four years of my life striving to get into this field (the wrong field), how could I leave this job?” The real question is how could I not?  I felt unfulfilled, unhappy, and it honestly felt like a huge routine.  In fear, and freaking out I had friend say to me, “do it afraid.” And I did. I did it afraid.

Our wandering time was up:


At the time I was reading the book of Exodus where Moses was leading the people of Israel out of  slavery and out of oppression.  This ministered to me greatly. My husband and I overcame so many obstacles from being enslaved to bills and debt to paying for college. We overcame mental strongholds we never dealt with. We conquered ourselves and what I would call the worst year of marriage we ever had which was our first year. We both overcame our past and now needed to conquer our future. We felt as though God was taking us out of Egypt and letting us wander a little. In order to kill all the things that couldn’t make it into the promise land. As I finished Exodus the next book we focused on reading was Deuteronomy. We asked, “God what now?”  Where do we go from here? In Deuteronomy 2:1-3

“Then we turned back and set out toward the wilderness along the route to the Red Sea, as the Lord had directed me. For a long time we made our way around the hill country of Seir.

Then the Lord said to me, “You have made your way around this hill country long enough; now turn north.

Isn’t crazy that God asked his people to turn north. That’s because in God there is no to go but up! Even when you feel like everything is heading south (like I did during this move.) Back to the blog,  the thing about wandering is that we didn’t know we were wandering. We went to college, graduated, had great jobs, and did everything we thought we should do by the book.  And boy did we thrive to hear that we did things right. It stroked our ego each time. I loved hearing, “Alejandra is a NYC teacher” and “David works for the Fire Department of NYC.” We loved it, we loved peoples “ahhs, and ooo’s.” It gave us satisfaction mean while everything I ever wanted died inside me and inside of David. Looking back, I am so glad God works out everything for our good, that he calculates all of our wandering into our purpose. In the wandering our character was built, integrity became part of our vocabulary, and we learned to desire honoring God above everything else. Disregarding what anyone said, we chose God each time. (or tried to)

Focus Word 2018


Talking about chosing God each time. I recently put up a post on Instagram about flexing your no muscle. Let me tell you how this started, I started saying no. No to people, to things, to events, to positions, to everything that stroked my ego of saying yes to people and making them happy at the cost of making me miserable. I started saying no to even ministry, no to Pastoral positions that I wasn’t called to in that specific season. I felt that I needed to take care of myself and my marriage. And so we did. But in order to attain the focus word of the year I had to say no to one of the most important people of my life. My dad, (which I absolutely love to death, love you daddy I know you read this.) My dad wanted us to come over for New Years eve, and David and I felt called to stay home that day. To pray the night out and seek the Lord on where we were going. We also wanted to speak to each other about the vision God had for us. And when I called my dad to tell him this, I thought I would die because I live to make my parents happy. I did call him, and he took it pretty well. He was super understanding, but it was more the fear of not pleasing him that kept me from actually telling him. Anyhow, we stayed home, prayed and asked God to put in our hearts a vision statement and a focus word for the year and He did! Our focus word for 2018 was Faith & Focus. And has it been a faith journey? Yes, it has! And have we had to focus? Yes! We needed to have faith in the God that put those desires in our hearts! We had to have faith that God would bring to fruition what he promised. And we had to have faith to actually put into effect the things we dreamed about. We also had to focus, and not let other’s desires be instilled in us so that we can reach and shoot for the stars . This began our entire journey to coming to Texas. We needed faith, and we needed to Focus to get Texas! This coming to Texas blog is  complex and so many things played a part in us coming here.  This blog is a four-part blog! So stay tuned, next week I will continue on what brought us to Texas. Thank you so much for coming to my blog and watching me live a life without residue.

Till next time,